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Disaster Tales is a podcast about disasters.  We use a conversational format to discuss the events, the causes and the outcomes of each incident.   Through in-depth research, you'll hear fascinating details and personal accounts of disaster survivors.   Join Kate and her co-hosts Barb Lonsky and John Horrell as they tackle a different disaster and disaster related issues every month.  

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Our Guests

Renea Dauntes

Researcher and Archivist


Renea is a professional archivist who has researched how disasters affect communities.  

Richard Oelberger PhD

Psychologist and Podcast Host


Richard Oelberger’s approach encompasses martial arts philosophy, somatic approaches, spiritual psychology, and mental performance techniques- all grounded in clinical psychology principles and behavioral strategies.

Gleb Tsipursky

Author and Consultant


Dr. Gleb Tsipursky and his team at Disaster Avoidance Experts empower leaders to avoid business disasters and make the most profitable decisions by using cutting-edge, research-based strategies. 

Liz Root

Emergency Management Professional


Liz Root is an emergency management professional and experienced legal advisor. 

Paolo Tirimani

CEO Boxabl


Paolo Tiramani is an American industrial designer and engineer. Currently he is C.E.O and majority shareholder of Boxabl, a construction technology manufacturer. 

Diane Burden-Cox

Author and CEO of Disaster Scope, Inc

DBC RA Author Photo.jpeg

 Author and CEO of Disaster Scope, Inc., an emergency management consulting firm based in Southern California. She and her husband, Graeme, have lived across the United States, working together on recovery efforts after major disasters.


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