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Disaster Tales is a podcast about disasters.  We use a conversational format to discuss the events, the causes and the outcomes of each incident.   Through in-depth research, you'll hear fascinating details and personal accounts of disaster survivors.   Join Kate and her co-hosts Barb Lonsky and John Horrell as they tackle a different disaster every month.  




Meet Our Hosts

Kate Fairweather

Kate has a BS in Emergency Management and worked 20 years each with FEMA and American Red Cross.  She spent 12 years doing search and rescue and training cadets in Civil Air Patrol.  In her spare time she is a published writer and artist, with pieces placed on several continents.  Kate lives in the Texas Panhandle with her family and six (yes, six) cats.  


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Barb Lonsky

Barb Lonsky is a retired respiratory therapist, a music therapist and trauma worker.

She has an AAS degree in applied sciences and a BA Spiritual and Therapeutic Applications of Music from SUNY Empire State College in New York.

Barb trained at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, LA and at Tulane. She is a certified Herb Specialist and now lives on an organic, sustainable energy farm in Upstate NY with her husband Steve.


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John Horrell

John has been responding to disasters since the 1970s beginning with the local responses to national incidents such as 9/11.  He has served as government and congressional leaders liaison, disaster recovery center manager, and volunteer agency coordinator.  He is also a bread baker, sea kayaker, backpacker and avid reader.  John currently runs his own landscape design business in Northern California. 



Our Guests

Researcher and Author

Lawrence Dixon
Medical Professional
Renea Dauntes

Researcher and Archivist


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